Bath Bombs

Bath Bombs


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Rich Blue Base:

Dreamer- A light citrus scent

Deep Space- Tropical Fruit with Coconut

Mother Earth - earthy unisex scentLavender- Pure Lavender

Neon Lights- Fresh aloe scent with glitter

Stress relief - eucalyptus and spearmint (White with Rich Blue Color)

Mint Green Base:

Cool Mint- a minty fresh cool day with glitter

Green tea- a relaxing cup of green tea

Sinus relief- Eucalyptus pine and mint

Pink Base:

Pink glitter- Pink Sugar Super Sweet with glitter

Light Purple Base:

Lavender & Lace: pure Lavender with a hint of cream

White Base with Color Splash:

Raspberry delight- A perfect blend of raspberries and blackberries (pink splash and glitter)

Good Karma- woodsy with hints of musk and light perfume (red splash)

Splish splash- Refreshing water scent (White with Blue Splash)

Coconut- Pure Coconut (Pinkish Brown Color)

Yellow Base:

Pumpkin Spice- A warm dose of fall and pumpkin pie

Sunny skies- Hawaiian lei

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