Tea Tree and Lime Moisturizer

Tea Tree and Lime Moisturizer


Step No. 4 of our Oily Collection. Moisturizer {SPF}

The perfect creamy blend of this ideal moisturizer is water-based for fresh, lightweight, oil-free hydration. The purity of Lime, gives a burst of cooling and a refreshing feel that also protects skin from unexpected acne breakouts.

Tea Tree kills bacteria and allows moisture to stay put! Our moisturizer is also infused with Royal Jelly that rebuilds damaged skin cells and adds natural collagen for aging skin…...we mean, wisdom infused skin. Zinc oxide is added for a natural SPF and will keep you protected from the sun.

Royal jelly enhances the anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antibiotic elements of the creams, helping to keep your skin clear of acne outbreaks and infection, while boosting collagen production, minimizing wrinkles and supporting supple and glowing skin.

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