Honey & Ginger Healing Salve

Honey & Ginger Healing Salve


We always say that our Honey and Ginger Healing Salve is like Neosporine without the junk!

It truly heals all dry cracked skin, burns, skin irritations, chemical burns, dry elbows and heels, even razor burn! It has a reputation of calming the skin affected by eczema and phsoriasis! Healing Salve is defenitely a product you want in your medicine cabinet.

We use a honey infused beeswax that both wax and honey come from the same hive creating an incredible allergy barrier. Honey has been used as an aid for accelerating wound healing in ulcers, infected wounds, and burns. Honey’s soothing properties  treat scalds and relieve pain.

Injuries sometimes leave behind hypo-pigmented scars – scars that are white or much lighter than the surrounding area. Ginger’s 40 different antioxidant properties help reduce this pigmentation to bring your skin color as close to natural.

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