Holistic Deodorant

Holistic Deodorant


We are super transparent about all of our products, even our magical deodorant. Some feel like there is a secret chemical in it because it works so well!

The smooth consistency comes from a few plant oils. It also contains soothing aloe (great for sensitive skin), zinc as an antioxidant and natural antiperspirant, and hydrating apricot kernel oil. Transparency doesn’t scare us, we have nothing to hide!

Our deodorants have been the scariest product to create. Everyone has different pits and sweating levels that can really determine a 5 star vs a 1 star product. We have been selling our deodorant for years and has an incredible 5 star reputation! It works and is very gentle for the soft delicate skin under your arms even in the roughest situations!

+| Lavender and Mint is our best seller for the soft smell and strength of bacteria fighting Mint.

+| Lemongrass and Tea Tree joyfully takes your breath away from the sweet aroma of lemongrass and the order cutting Tea Tree.

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