Eye Cream

Eye Cream


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A good eye cream helps to prevent the signs of aging around the eyes while also reducing the appearance of any fine lines and wrinkles that are already creeping up.

Our Organic Eye Cream has the key benefit of protecting the skin around your eyes and even the are around your top lip!

Moisturize. There aren’t very many oil glands in the area around the eyes so as we age, this is one of the first areas that gets noticeably drier. We want to keep this area nice and smooth so that those big smiles touch our eyes but smooth right back out again.

Hydrate. Thinning skin around our eyes is a noticeable sign of aging. To plump it up we want to hydrate the skin, adding water to the skin gives it the full, dewy look we’re going for when we use an eye cream.

Brighten. We all want to keep that youthful glow and while you can see that little spark in the eyes of every aged person, brightening up the whole eye area offers the appearance of agelessness.

Strengthen. The older we get the more fragile the skin around our eyes becomes, our eye cream has protective ingredients that help to fortify the skin from further signs of aging naturally.

Firm and tighten. Gravity has its effects on all of us, but around the eyes is one of the first areas that we notice the sagging that comes with age. Though a good eye cream won’t stop the aging process, it can certainly firm up the area to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

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