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A feel good brand.

A&L Marketplace was created for the natural loving, 

earth vibe'n,  Bohemian soul.  



Our Story...

 the passion that emerged from our Trials and life experiences, allowed us to create something that promotes healing in your body, soul & mind...


The Tea Spot

A word from the tea spot: 

Our commitment to blending fresh, flavorful ingredients using ancient customs produces tastes and aromas which you’ll want to enjoy every day. We bring age–old traditions to an evolved state, where exquisite flavor and great health collide in every cup. Full leaf signature blends—which we handcrafted in Boulder, Colorado—are made with carefully harvested teas. Traditionally harvested teas are more eco–friendly than machine processed teas.


Bath Bombs

Bath fizzes are strong balls of joy. Drop one into your bath and get ready to have a strong company stress-free bathing experience. Whilst you toss them into the water they start to fizz releasing unusual pleasant scents and necessary epidermis ingredients to your dermis.

The two most important constituents, the ones that make the bath fizzy are baking soda and citric acid. Additionally, other skin nourishing constituents is Shea Butter; Coconut Oil, Milk, Avocado Oil or Grape seed oil is generally added. Fragrances bath fizzes are introduced to high off the aromatherapy experience. The uses of this products are to chill out and pamper yourself, cleanse the skin from everyday contaminations, also reinforce it, expand elasticity, leaving the dermis delicate and silky and with a quality aroma. 

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